March 2017 - The Societies of Photographers

The Societies of Photographers

February 2017 - Photoshop User

Photoshop User

Fast, simple. Impressive piece of software.

January 2017 - Nadir Magazine


A valuable tool for the professional and amateur photographer.

In the beginning I thought that it would work like the "liquify" tool in Photoshop, but PortraitPro Body goes far beyond.

December 2016 - Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews

Allows you to retouch portraits in a matter of minutes. This application is designed to perfect the entire body.

December 2016 - Shutterbug


PortraitPro Body is the definition of quick and easy and the results are great.

December 2016 - The Phoblographer


A valuable tool for those who often find themselves needing to smooth out skin rolls or tame some curves.

November 2016 - Foto Hits Magazine

Foto Hits Magazine

With only a few clicks body parts like the shoulders or hips can be defined and changed via sliders for slimming a body.

November 2016 - Rangefinder


If you like what PortraitPro can do for faces, you’re going to love PortraitPro Body.

November 2016 - F2 Cameracraft

F2 Cameracraft

With warp reshaping tools in Photoshop presenting a challenge to retoucher, Anthropics’ latest variation on the PortraitPro theme provides fast controls to adjust the human form.

October 2016 - Rangefinder


October 2016 - Professional Image-Maker

Professional Image-Maker

This product takes out the legwork and no Photoshop skills are required.

September 2016 - Dobre Programy

Dobre Programy

The advantage of the program is to work fast - in just a few minutes you can slim and shape the body, gently reposition, smooth skin and musculature model or models.

August 2016 - SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge

No longer is there a need for complicated tools and tedious refinement when software like this revolutionizes the art of the retouching.