Warp Fixer

Easily fix straight lines that have been warped by body shaping. This intelligent new tool helps your image to look natural and professional without hours of manual work.

Smart Filter

smart filter

Exclusive to PortraitPro Body Studio 2. Now it's easy to revise your retouching. Use PortraitPro Body as a non-destructive Smart Filter in Photoshop so you can easily go back and resume your editing later.

Lite mode

lite mode

Apply simple skin-smoothing, face retouching and picture edits without the need to select the subject. Perfect when you just want to make a few quick edits to your portrait, without adjusting the body shape.

Faster & More Accurate

faster and more accurate

With better selection tools and an improved interface, PortraitPro Body 2 users get great results in less time.